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Valvoline 4 Stroke 15W-50 Motorcycle 4L

Valvoline 4 Stroke 15W-50 Motorcycle 4L

Designed specifically for wet clutch systems, high RPMs and temperature conditions found in motorcycles. This product utilises premium base oils and advanced additives to ensure excellent performance and protection.

The thermally stable formula protects engines under high RPM and high temperature conditions.

Wet clutch protection.
Special cleaning agents and dispersants help prevent deposit formation to keep engine clean.
Contains the proper balance of additives for maximum horse power.
Increased anti-wear agents (zinc and phosphorous) to minimise wear.
Shear stable viscosity improvers better resist oil film breakdown.
Advanced additives help prevent foaming and maintain proper lubrication to offer high performance RPM.
A balanced additive system to resist rust and corrosion.

SAE 15W-50