Image of PTT Synthetic Brake Fluid Dot 4 0.5 Litre

PTT Synthetic Brake Fluid Dot 4 0.5 Litre


0.5 Ltr Bottle

Viscosity: Fluid Clear

A premium quality synthetic brake fluid exceeds DOT 4 standard, produced from Glycol Ethers technology, for high boiling point up to 270 C to ensure high performance even in high temperature conditions and to prevent seal swelling and cession effectively


• Recommended for the hydraulic brake system both disc and drum brakes in motorcycles and commercial vehicle requiring DOT 4 fluid.
• It is also applicable to the motorcycle clutch system.
• Recommend to change every 2 year.

Key Features

• High boiling point enabling heavy use.
• Good compatibility with rubber seal and other brake parts.
• Gum forming prevention, thereby allowing the piston and the master brake cylinder to move smoothly


• FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4
• ISO 4925 class 4
• SAE J1704
• TIS 591-2011 : quality level 4

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