Image of PTT Performa Full Synthetic Racing Engine Oil 5W-50 4 Litre

PTT Performa Full Synthetic Racing Engine Oil 5W-50 4 Litre


Performa Synthetic Racing

*It is not recommended for use in motorcycles with a wet clutch

Viscosity: SAE 5W-50

PERFORMA RACING SYNTHETIC is superior fully synthetic motor oil formulated to deliver engine performance and power with superior engine wear protection for extreme performance racing. It offers excellent protection even in high temperature and high speed conditions and circuit work.

• Designed for extreme performance dry clutch motorcycles and racing cars
• Recommended for vehicles using gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline E10, E20 and E85
• Suitable for motorcycle with DRY clutch only (NOT JASO approved)

Key Features
• Provides superior resistance to thermal and oxidation degradation to protect against oil sludge and oil filter plugging
• Offers better lubrication and additional wear protection at start-up and under all operating conditions
• Enhances accelerating performance with exceptional acceleration booster
• Enhances deposit control and consistent cleanliness of engine parts • Reduces oil consumption and gives excellent seal compatibility



Refer to your vehicle service manual for correct lubricant or part requirement and service intervals. Search the database for the latest product data sheet you needs.

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