Image of PTT HI-Speed 2T Mineral Engine Oil 1 litre

PTT HI-Speed 2T Mineral Engine Oil 1 litre


Hi Speed 2T Mineral

Viscosity: SAE 2T

Hi-Speed 2T is a high quality 2-stroke engine oil. Suitable for all classic models of 2-stroke motorcycles or where Yamalube, Castrol Active etc is used.


• Recommended for all models air and water-cooled of 2-stroke motorcycles and multipurpose 2-stroke engine.
• Suitable for both oil injection and premix system.
• Fuel/Oil ratio required following by the manufacturers' recommendations.

Key Features

• Protect piston scratch and ring sticking problems
• Prevent spark plug fouling and ping
• Reduce exhaust smoke



Refer to your vehicle service manual for correct lubricant or part requirement and service intervals. Search the database for the latest product data sheet you needs.

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