Image of PTT Challenger Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil 1 Litre

PTT Challenger Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil 1 Litre


Viscosity: SAE 2T

Challenger 2T 100% Synthetic competition-proven fully synthetic 2T motorcycle oil

Premium fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil. Formulated for ultimate performance of modern 2-stroke motorcycles.

• Designed for high performance air and water-cooled of modern 2-stroke motorcycles such as sports types and motocross.
• Recommended for high performance 2-stroke engine such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Kawasaki and also chain saw and snow mobile applications.
• Suitable for both oil injection and premix system.
• Fuel/Oil ratio required following by the manufacturers' recommendations.

Key Features
• Improve acceleration response
• Outstanding engine cleanliness
• Excellent engine wear protection under high speed condition
• Prevent spark plug fouling and exhaust system blocking
• Minimize exhaust smoke



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